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YouTube Services

As of 2013, KVZ manages and monetizes over 250 000 YouTube assets, with more than 200 million views per month (a total of 2.4 billion views per year) and total YouTube play duration of over 4.2 billion minutes.

Within the past 12 months, KVZ has paid out thousands of dollars and euros to record labels and artists that own popular and frequently viewed YouTube channels.

1. How can I apply for your YouTube monetization services?

Please send an email request to [email protected] with "YouTube monetization application" as the subject line.

Please also include in your email a direct link to your YouTube channel.

Please note that without such a link we cannot review and process your YouTube request.

Or you caan simply fill out the

2. How do the services provided by KVZ differ from the YouTube services provided by other major digital aggregators?

Most of the major music aggregators simply fingerprint your audio-visual content and upload it to YouTube, without bothering to carry out any further manual searching and processing of your content on YouTube.

This leads, in most cases, to low revenue, paid out by YouTube only for the YouTube streaming usage of your audio-visual content.

In most cases you will not receive any additional revenue from Google advertising, since such advertising is not automatically displayed across your videos and in all YouTube world territories.

In order to significantly increase your YouTube income we have a highly trained YouTube team working full-time in all of our franchise offices.

Our YouTube staff manually search the YouTube network for your content, thus optimizing its exposure, driving significantly more YouTube traffic to your videos and enabling them not only for the usual YouTube revenue, but also for additional Google advertising revenue.

If you are a well-known artist, we can create an official Premium Artist YouTube channel for you and direct the potential YouTube views of your fans solely to your official YouTube Premium channel.

By removing from YouTube all third party generated videos involving your content, KVZ enables you to monetize every single fan view only on your official Premium Artist YouTube channel.

Of course, if you so wish for your marketing concept, KVZ is able to recognize, claim and monetize your music on other users' YouTube channels, leaving such third party videos on YouTube (this is known as Third User Generated Content Monetization).

3. And the other video networks?

Last but not least, KVZ is partnered with Audible Magic and engages in content management of video and audio content not only on YouTube, the biggest video network, but also on Vimeo, Daily Motion, AOL, Facebook, VEVO, etc.

Our company gives its clients (artists and labels) the opportunity to completely control their video and audio content on these popular Internet platforms and social networks and to earn additional revenue from them.


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