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Music distribution:

We deliver music content to more than 130 well-known and established international platforms for legal music downloads and ringtone outlets: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, VEVO, BeatPort, Guvera, Xbox to name just a few.

We also provide CD distribution services in retail outlets throughout Austria and Germany. Please be aware that nowadays it is virtually impossible to sell CDs in retail outlets unless you are already a well-known artist in your area. We therefore recommend that newcomers start by delivering music to digital download platforms. This enables them to obtain useful international feedback on their music and effectively test it on the international music market.

If the music sells well digitally and the band is touring extensively, it may then be appropriate to launch a radio campaign and make CDs available in retail outlets.

Today, almost 46% (and constantly growing) of turnover in the music business is generated by digital downloads, and this figure is increasing significantly every year. We are in no doubt that digital delivery is the future of the music business.

Distribution options:

  Standard Extended Premium
Free media processing Free Free Free
Free storage for
audio & video
Free Free Free
Free digital submission
and delivery
Free Free LP: $45
EP: $25
(3 - 6 tracks)
Single: $15
(1 -2 tracks)

(per release - one-time fee)
Free mechanical rights
Free Free Free
Catalogue size (titles) 0 - 249 250+ Not limited
Share artist / label 60% 70% 80%

The Standard option is specifically designed for labels and producers with small music catalogues. This option is available only if KVZ Music covers all online shops and territories, with no exclusions.

The Extended option is aimed at labels and producers with medium-sized or large music catalogues.

The Premium Option is suitable for labels with good marketing networks and those producing the potential hits of tomorrow. The Premium option guarantees your label 80% of all digital revenues. The label pays KVZ a one-time (not recurring or annual) digital processing fee for each release.

The status of your catalogues can be changed at any time from Standard or Extended to Premium. A one-time processing fee of $45 per release will be charged for switching to the Premium option.

If you would like to apply for digital distribution with KVZ, please fill in the

Artist Promotion:

We can prepare a professional press kit for your band, including in electronic form, and we'll make sure that your music is reviewed by hundreds of music editors worldwide. We deliver music to the best regional FM stations and hundreds of licensed international Internet radio stations.

Publicity and airplay is what your music needs in order to sell, and we can arrange this for you. It's vital to know where to send your music depending on your musical style. Many bands do their own promotion and they often make mistakes - for example, there's no point in sending your music to a rock editor or a metal music magazine for review if your style is soul or electronic.

Market research is crucial for all music promotion, and that's our job.

Check out our Promotion services.


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