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Why should I offer my music digitally as well as via traditional media?

Because today almost 50% of music industry sales come from digital downloads of tracks, albums and ringtones. And that proportion grows every year...

Why should I distribute my music with KVZ?

Because we take care of our clients. We do our best to answer every email within 48 hours and we make every effort to push the music from our labels to as many online shops as possible through our vast worldwide distribution network. We list your catalogue with SoundScan for free, so you'll be eligible for charting on the basis of digital and physical sales. You'll get all the codes you need - UPC/EAN or ISRC codes - for free. When our clients are happy, we're happy!

Does KVZ require exclusive rights?

Yes, but solely for the releases delivered to the KVZ Dashboard and for the online shops where KVZ is allowed to distribute these particular releases. We do not impose exclusivity on the entire label's catalog if it is not delivered into the KVZ dashboard for distribution. KVZ strongly believes that labels and artists should NOT distribute several times the same release to the major online shops via different distributors. This does not secure a better exposure for the artists and labels and their audio products, nor increases their sales. This would only burden the storage space of the online music shops. We therefore demand exclusivity on the releases delivered by our clients to KVZ for distribution. Each label or artist may distribute via another distributor their releases - as long as it has not been forwarded to KVZ for distribution or has been deleted already from the KVZ Dashboard and Take Downs for this release have been ordered by KVZ with all shops. Premium KVZ Clients may per default choose the particular Online Music Shops per each release they deliver to KVZ for Distribution. This Premium option enables them to decide exactly for which Online Shops and for which releases KVZ obtains the exclusive digital distribution rights. Further on, all our clients may sell their physical CDs via other retailers and distributors without infringing the digital exclusive rights granted to KVZ.

What exactly are KVZ's contractual terms and conditions?

Since KVZ does not support online user subscriptions, we can only email you our detailed terms and conditions if you are interested in distribution with KVZ. We always listen to audio material from new labels applying for distribution. If it's good enough, we'll send you the digital distribution agreement by email. You can review the agreement in detail and, after signing it and returning it to KVZ, you'll be given access to KVZ Dashboard, where you can start uploading your audio content for distribution with KVZ. A binding contract between KVZ and a label or an artist exists only when the label has signed our digital distribution agreement and returned it to us. In order to apply for distribution, contact us at [email protected].

How often will I be paid?

KVZ reports royalties to labels and artists quarterly, 45 days after the end of each Quarter. Once you receive your quarter report and if the sum due to payment in it is more than 10 EURO (for PayPal payments) or more than 50 Euro (for direct bank deposits), you send us an Invoice for the outstanding royalties. Labels / Artists can do that via the usual PayPal Invoicing System of their PayPal Account, or by completing our Invoice Sheet and returning it to us per email. Once we receive a correctly issued Invoice from you, it takes up to 5-6 business days for our accounting to process the Invoice and to initiate a payment to you.

What kind of music does KVZ distribute?

All kinds of music and all genres – as long as the audio production is of good quality. We always listen to music from new artists and labels before signing it for distribution.

I already distribute my music to some online shops. May I use KVZ for the rest?

Yes - if you are a Premium customer (see the Distribution section on our website), you may choose from the online shops we work with. We will then send your music only to those shops and you can distribute it to the ones you want to handle yourself.

What's my share of the sales?

Depending on which distribution option you choose, your share will be 60%, 70% or 80%. We are totally flexible and will try to match your needs and situation. Please see the Distribution section on our website.

Do you charge any upfront fees?

No, not if you choose the Standard or Extended options. If you choose Premium, you will pay a one-time (not annual) processing fee for your release, but then you will always receive 80% from your sales. It pays to do this if you have strong online promotion for the releases you distribute to online shops.

Still have questions?

Send them to [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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